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HVAC on a Hot Tin Roof: The Benefits of Installing Rooftop HVAC Units on Your Commercial Building

On December 21st, 2018

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Are you in need of a new commercial HVAC unit? Have you thought about where you might place it? The problem with any commercial air conditioner is the fact that they are not attractive.

In fact, aside from providing cool air to your business, commercial air conditioners are loud, obtrusive, and hard to expand should your business need a bigger unit.

Each of these problems can be difficult to solve unless you consider installing rooftop HVAC units. Although a rooftop unit will not solve the aesthetic issue, it will definitely take care of the other problems.

We're going to take a closer look at just how these units solve most commercial air conditioning woes. Keep reading for more information!

Less Noise Pollution

HVAC units produce noise and there isn't much that can be done about this. However, opting to install an air conditioner on the ground will make it difficult to hear anything in the direct vicinity.

Whether you are dealing with customers in person or on the phone, having a loud whirring noise is sure to cause aggravation and mistakes. Having to repeatedly ask, 'what did you say?' will eventually cause people to avoid calling or stopping in.

Choosing to install rooftop HVAC units will alleviate most of the noise pollution problem. Even if your building is only one story, there is generally space and insulation between the roof and ceiling. This allows for the noise to muffle before reaching your employees and customers.

Expansion Made Easy

Should you choose to install your HVAC system on the ground, you might be limited by space if your business grows. Additionally, rooftop units are modular so when your business does grow, it is quite easy to add another system.

If your business grows exponentially and you are continually adding on to the building, you can add more units where you need them. There is no need to keep them isolated to one centralized area.

Energy Savings

This is the question that everyone asks: will it save money to install a rooftop HVAC system?

The answer to this question is YES! Many rooftop HVAC systems come with a damper which will allow the unit to use outside air if it is the right temperature.

Unfortunately, in the south, we face year-round heat and humidity. However, roof-mounted air conditioners can offer heat and humidity distributing features!

Combined with proper HVAC maintenance and these features, you will definitely see a reduction in energy costs.

Why Wouldn't You Want Rooftop HVAC Units?

There are clearly numerous benefits to choosing rooftop HVAC units. As mentioned earlier, these systems are an eyesore and that does not change with different locations.

Aside from the fact that your roof may not look perfect with the addition of these units, there is no real reason to choose to install them anywhere else! You also won't have to worry about yard clippings and sticks damaging your commercial HVAC.

If you are interested in more ways to save money with your HVAC system, check out the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned!

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