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AccuTemp Cooling and Heating is based in Shreveport, LA, and provides commercial and residential clients in the Shreveport-Bossier Metro and Haughton areas with professional HVAC services. In addition to repairs, we also conduct installations—we install heating, cooling, and HVAC systems from any brand. Our services are top-notch, and we work to ensure that our clients are happy with our results. If you are within the region, give us a call today and find out how we can improve your heating or cooling systems.

We serve the following areas:


Shreveport’s climate conditions feature mild winters and sultry summers. With an average temperature high of 76° F annually, the city’s residents struggle to endure the summer heat, which can reach levels of up to 94° F. We make sure that our customers in Shreveport, LA maintain an efficient and problem-free cooling system for when they need it.


Bossier City experiences relatively the same weather and climate conditions as its neighboring city, Shreveport. Clients within the area can also call upon our services to make sure that their indoor climate control systems reliably keep them comfy during inclement weather.


Nearby Haughton residents can count on AccuTemp Cooling and Heating to provide them with maintenance services in a pinch. No heating or cooling problem is too big or small for us to handle, and we strive to leave you satisfied with our services.

AccuTemp Cooling and Heating is a contractor that provides professional HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services. Our service areas cover the Shreveport-Bossier Metro Area, as well as other nearby areas in Louisiana such as Haughton. If you have questions for us or if you need our services, you may call us at (318) 861-2255 or visit our contact us page and submit an accomplished form. We offer seasonal specials throughout the year, so feel free to inquire about them.

ZIP / Address:
Waskom TXWaskom, TX 75692, USAW Shreveport Location
Vivian LAVivian, LA 71082, USABossier City Location
Trees LATrees, LA 71082, USABossier City Location
Taylor LATaylor, LA 71080, USABossier City Location
Stonewall LAStonewall, LA 71078, USAShreveport Location
Stanley LAStanley, LA 71049, USAShreveport Location
South Mansfield LASouth Mansfield, LA 71052, USAShreveport Location
Shreveport LAShreveport, LA 71101, USABossier City Location
Rodessa LARodessa, LA 71069, USABossier City Location
Ringgold LARinggold, LA 71068, USAShreveport Location
Princeton LAPrinceton, LA 71067, USABossier City Location
Plain Dealing LAPlain Dealing, LA 71064, USABossier City Location
Pelican LAPelican, LA 71063, USAShreveport Location
Oil City LAOil City, LA 71061, USABossier City Location
Mount Lebanon LAMount Lebanon, LA 71028, USABossier City Location
Mooringsport LAMooringsport, LA 71060, USAW. Shreveport Location
Mira LAMira, LA 71044, USABossier City Location
Minden LAMinden, LA 71055, USABossier City Location
Mansfield LAMansfield, LA 71052, USAShreveport Location
Longstreet LALongstreet, LA 71050, USAShreveport Location
Logansport LALogansport, LA 71049, USAShreveport Location
Kiethville LAKeithville, LA 71047, USAW Shreveport Location
Keatchie LAKeatchie, LA 71046, USAW Shreveport Location
Keachi LAKeachi, LA 71046, USAW Shreveport Location
Joaquin TXJoaquin, TX 75954, USAShreveport Location
Jamestown LaJamestown, LA 71045, USAShreveport Location
Ida LAIda, LA 71044, USABossier City Location
Hosston LAHosston, LA 71043, USABossier City Location
Heflin LAHeflin, LA 71039, USABossier City Location
Haughton LAHaughton, LA 71037, USABossier City Location
Hall Summit LAHall Summit, LA 71034, USAShreveport Location
Greenwood LAGreenwood, LA 71033, USAW Shreveport Location
Grand Cane LAGrand Cane, LA 71032, USAShreveport Location
Gloster LAGloster, LA 71030, USAShreveport Location
Gilliam LAGilliam, LA 71029, USABossier City Location
Gibsland LAGibsland, LA 71028, USABossier City Location
Frierson LAFrierson, LA 71027, USAShreveport Location
Forbing LAForbing, Shreveport, LA 71106, USAShreveport Location
Elm Grove LAElm Grove, LA 71051, USAShreveport Location
Dubberly LADubberly, LA 71024, USABossier City Location
Doyline LADoyline, LA 71023, USABossier City Location
Dixie Inn LADixie Inn, LA 71055, USABossier City Location
Dixie LADixie, LA 71107, USABossier City Location
Cullen LACullen, LA 71021, USABossier City Location
Coushatta LACoushatta, LA 71019, USAShreveport Location
Cotton Vallery LACotton Valley, LA 71018, USABossier City Location
Castor LACastor, LA 71016, USAShreveport Location
Caspiana LACaspiana, LA 71115, USAShreveport Location
Bryceland LABryceland, LA 71008, USABossier City Location
Bossier City LABossier City, LA, USABossier City Location
Blanchard LABlanchard, LA 71009, USAW Shreveport Location
Bienville LABienville, LA 71008, USABossier City Location
Bethany LABethany, LA 71007, USAW Shreveport Location
Benton LABenton, LA 71006, USABossier City Location
Belcher LABelcher, LA 71004, USABossier City Location
Barksdale AFBBarksdale Air Force Base, LA 71110, USABossier City Location
Athens LAAthens, LA 71003, USABossier City Location
You've seen our trucks in action, as we proudly provide Shreveport's residents with the finest HVAC service Our licensed and certified technicians are specially trained deliver the fastest and most efficient service, ensuring your comfort is our utmost priority.
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