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Never Be Without Power Again

Whether it’s caused by a utility power interruption or weather disasters, power outages are frequent occurrences. However, we depend on power more than ever. A power outage is more than an inconvenience. It could cost you thousands of dollars. In many cases, the loss of power sends families to motels and restaurants. When you lose power in an outage, you also lose your family’s security and way of life. In Northwest Louisiana, we are always under the threat of inclement weather throughout the year. Whether the power goes out from an ice storm or a severe thunderstorm, a home backup generator can keep power running in your home 24/7.

Imagine your home without power...

  • No heating or air conditioning
  • Sump pump does not work
  • No internet or cell phone chargers to stay in contact
  • Extra costs for hotel & eating out
  • Spoiled food in the refrigerator / freezer
  • Loss of TV, video games, and other entertainment
  • Lack of lighting No use of garage door openers
  • Lost time and revenue for your home business

We Are Your Home Backup Generator Specialists In Shreveport

At AccuTemp Cooling and Heating, we recommend and install Eaton Home Backup Generators. We have found them to be extremely safe, reliable and efficient at providing sustained power to homes and businesses alike. Give yourself and your family peace of mind with 24/7 automatic power protection with a standby generator. You will have the ability to back up either pre-selected circuits or the whole house within seconds of a power outage. Don't be left in the dark...

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