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Most of us in the Shreveport – Bossier City area have experienced how uncomfortable it can be when the air conditioning system breaks down or is not functioning properly.

The quality of air and comfort that cool air can provide are always taken for granted until the dreaded thing happens – the air conditioning stops working. AC problems can occur early in the morning or in the late hours of the night, leaving you totally unprepared.

That is why at AccuTemp Cooling and Heating, we offer round the clock air conditioning services in Shreveport, LA, Bossier City, Haughton, and the surrounding areas.

Why wait for the heat to get really prickly when you can call us for AC service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Whether you need air conditioner repair, AC maintenance, or air conditioning installation in Shreveport, our team is ready to serve you.

You’ll get the air conditioning repair support of a qualified service professional when you actually need it, not days after.

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We know that not everyone is HVAC savvy so we came up with these quick and easy tips to troubleshoot your air conditioning system. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re having AC problems:

  • If you’ve flipped the switch several times and the air conditioning still isn’t turning on. Check the power to see if there’s a blown fuse or a tripped circuit.
  • Check the thermostat to see if it is set to cool or AC.
  • Always keep the thermostat batteries fresh.
  • Change the filter. Filters are commonly changed every 30-90 days.

If none of these tips work, then it’s time to call a professional. Call your trusted air conditioning repair specialists here at AccuTemp Cooling and Heating if:

  • Energy bills have increased abnormally.
  • You hear weird sounds such as buzzing, ticking, or rattling during the start-up and operation of the AC.
  • Air coming out from the AC unit is not as cold as it usually is.
  • Accumulation of water next to furnace.
  • Air conditioning unit is not functioning at all.

The best way to avoid sudden air conditioning trouble is to have routine maintenance done on your cooling unit. Our AC service professionals will provide expert evaluation of the circumstances and offer recommendations that are the most suited to your comfort requirements.


Residents and property owners alike in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Haughton can call us anytime and still expect a prompt dispatch. Our highly-skilled AC service technicians are always ready to provide thorough assessment of the situation and a fair estimate of any damage. If the life span of your air conditioning unit is already at an end, or the damage is too great, ask us about reliable and cost-efficient heating and cooling systems that we can professionally install.

Delaying repairs will only cause more discomfort and may increase the problem. Accutemp Cooling and Heating can help you with your AC problems. Call us now at (318) 861-2255 or use our convenient contact form for expert air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation services.

    You've seen our trucks in action, as we proudly provide Shreveport's, Bossier City's, and Haughton's residents with the finest HVAC service. Our licensed and certified technicians are specially trained deliver the fastest and most efficient services, ensuring your comfort is our utmost priority.
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