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$85 For Spring or Fall Tune-Up!

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It is important for homes to have reliable air conditioning in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana

Apart from allowing residents to keep themselves comfortable in the midst of the area’s humid subtropical climate, having a good air conditioning system also allows them to ensure good indoor air quality and better maintain their health.

As air conditioning has basically become a necessity in the area, there are also many providers of AC repair and installation and other HVAC services in locations, like Shreveport and Bossier City, LA to choose from. 

To ensure your home consistently enjoys complete comfort and superior air quality, it is recommended that the provider you choose have extensive experience in serving your area. At AccuTemp Cooling and Heating, we have the experience and expertise to provide affordable air conditioning, heating, service and repair to keep you comfortable in your home Year-Round.
A good understanding of the local climate always proves advantageous, as you will be advised of which solutions would best suit your home’s needs and allow you to better deal with the different temperatures your area experiences throughout the year.


AccuTemp Cooling and Heating has been proudly providing services for air conditioning repair, furnace repair, geothermal installation and more to areas such as Bossier City, Haughton, and Shreveport, LA since 2004, with more than 40 years of combined experience collectively.

Our licensed and certified HVAC technicians in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Haughton are specially trained to deliver quality efficient service because your comfort is of utmost importance to us. 

That is experience and expertise that you can fully rely on when having an HVAC system professionally installed, replaced, repaired, or maintained. 

Do not hesitate to call upon an AC contractor or a heating contractor; our helpful experts are ready to service homeowners and answer any inquiries regarding troubleshooting in regions like Haughton, LA.


We use materials from many of the leading manufacturers in the industry, making sure you get HVAC systems and parts that require minimum maintenance, are long-lasting and eco-friendly, and completely energy-efficient. Combined with our services, you are ensured of getting optimum performance from your air conditioning investment.

AccuTemp Cooling and Heating is committed to setting the standard the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Because of this commitment, we have enjoyed exceptional growth in the near decade that we have been operating. Our team always looks forward to serving new customers, letting our reliable services be the foundation of lasting relationships with each one.

Founded in 2004 by Duane Simpson and Chris Keith, AccuTemp technicians have proudly served the Shreveport area with quality service ever since.


AccuTemp only uses the most durable HVAC products to serve the Shreveport and Bossier area. This includes solutions from manufacturers such as American Standard, Eaton, and AccuClean, among many others.

As an Independent American Standard Dealer, we’ll provide you with a system that won’t take a chunk out of your wallet and will still provide great efficiency for years to come.

To learn more about the air conditioning services we provide and the products we offer, or to schedule, a service appointment, feel free to Call Us at (318) 861-2255 or fill out the email form on the Contact Us page. We offer different product and service specials throughout the year, so please feel free to ask us about them when you call or contact us today.

Service Area Locator

ZIP / Address:
Waskom TX Waskom, TX 75692, USA W Shreveport Location
Vivian LA Vivian, LA 71082, USA Bossier City Location
Trees LA Trees, LA 71082, USA Bossier City Location
Taylor LA Taylor, LA 71080, USA Bossier City Location
Stonewall LA Stonewall, LA 71078, USA Shreveport Location
Stanley LA Stanley, LA 71049, USA Shreveport Location
South Mansfield LA South Mansfield, LA 71052, USA Shreveport Location
Shreveport LA Shreveport, LA 71101, USA Bossier City Location
Rodessa LA Rodessa, LA 71069, USA Bossier City Location
Ringgold LA Ringgold, LA 71068, USA Shreveport Location
Princeton LA Princeton, LA 71067, USA Bossier City Location
Plain Dealing LA Plain Dealing, LA 71064, USA Bossier City Location
Pelican LA Pelican, LA 71063, USA Shreveport Location
Oil City LA Oil City, LA 71061, USA Bossier City Location
Mount Lebanon LA Mount Lebanon, LA 71028, USA Bossier City Location
Mooringsport LA Mooringsport, LA 71060, USA W. Shreveport Location
Mira LA Mira, LA 71044, USA Bossier City Location
Minden LA Minden, LA 71055, USA Bossier City Location
Mansfield LA Mansfield, LA 71052, USA Shreveport Location
Longstreet LA Longstreet, LA 71050, USA Shreveport Location
Logansport LA Logansport, LA 71049, USA Shreveport Location
Kiethville LA Keithville, LA 71047, USA W Shreveport Location
Keatchie LA Keatchie, LA 71046, USA W Shreveport Location
Keachi LA Keachi, LA 71046, USA W Shreveport Location
Joaquin TX Joaquin, TX 75954, USA Shreveport Location
Jamestown La Jamestown, LA 71045, USA Shreveport Location
Ida LA Ida, LA 71044, USA Bossier City Location
Hosston LA Hosston, LA 71043, USA Bossier City Location
Heflin LA Heflin, LA 71039, USA Bossier City Location
Haughton LA Haughton, LA 71037, USA Bossier City Location
Hall Summit LA Hall Summit, LA 71034, USA Shreveport Location
Greenwood LA Greenwood, LA 71033, USA W Shreveport Location
Grand Cane LA Grand Cane, LA 71032, USA Shreveport Location
Gloster LA Gloster, LA 71030, USA Shreveport Location
Gilliam LA Gilliam, LA 71029, USA Bossier City Location
Gibsland LA Gibsland, LA 71028, USA Bossier City Location
Frierson LA Frierson, LA 71027, USA Shreveport Location
Forbing LA Forbing, Shreveport, LA 71106, USA Shreveport Location
Elm Grove LA Elm Grove, LA 71051, USA Shreveport Location
Dubberly LA Dubberly, LA 71024, USA Bossier City Location
Doyline LA Doyline, LA 71023, USA Bossier City Location
Dixie Inn LA Dixie Inn, LA 71055, USA Bossier City Location
Dixie LA Dixie, LA 71107, USA Bossier City Location
Cullen LA Cullen, LA 71021, USA Bossier City Location
Coushatta LA Coushatta, LA 71019, USA Shreveport Location
Cotton Vallery LA Cotton Valley, LA 71018, USA Bossier City Location
Castor LA Castor, LA 71016, USA Shreveport Location
Caspiana LA Caspiana, LA 71115, USA Shreveport Location
Bryceland LA Bryceland, LA 71008, USA Bossier City Location
Bossier City LA Bossier City, LA, USA Bossier City Location
Blanchard LA Blanchard, LA 71009, USA W Shreveport Location
Bienville LA Bienville, LA 71008, USA Bossier City Location
Bethany LA Bethany, LA 71007, USA W Shreveport Location
Benton LA Benton, LA 71006, USA Bossier City Location
Belcher LA Belcher, LA 71004, USA Bossier City Location
Barksdale AFB Barksdale Air Force Base, LA 71110, USA Bossier City Location
Athens LA Athens, LA 71003, USA Bossier City Location
You've seen our trucks in action, as we proudly provide Shreveport's residents with the finest HVAC service Our licensed and certified technicians are specially trained deliver the fastest and most efficient service, ensuring your comfort is our utmost priority.
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