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Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your AC Working Right

On April 10th, 2020

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According to the U.S. Energy Department, a quarter of all American's usage is a/c. This makes up 6% of all energy use in the country.

However, with all of these AC units, do users know exactly how to maintain them to run efficiently? How do you learn if your system has enough of a cooling or refrigerant charge?

Well with a couple of easy checks, you'll have the ability to ensure your air conditioning unit is running a peak performance.

Go through this ac system upkeep checklist each period and when the moment comes, contact your ac repair team to inspect your ac cooling system.

1. Change Filters

While trying to maintain a well-functioning AC unit, it's a good idea to routinely change the filters on a regular basis.

Some units might need regular monthly modifications throughout peak seasons. When acquiring American Standard filters, see to it you pick the appropriate kind for your HVAC unit. If you are not sure what kind of filter fits your system, contact your A/C repair and maintenance company.

2. Drain Lines and Pans

When running through your AC maintenance checklist make sure you give your AC unit a good deep clean. Dusting the pans and flushing the drain lines will ensure your unit runs properly in the future.

Cleansing the condenser and also keeping it clear of all blockages will improve the system's effectiveness.

3. Clean All Parts

Like making certain the drains, pans, as well as condensers, are all clear of debris, making sure the remainder of your system is dust-free is essential as well.

Pulleys and belts must be checked over to ensure they are properly functioning. Cleaning the coils and evaporator coils will also need to be done every time you check the HVAC.

4. Ensure All Mechanical Parts Are Lubricated

The next part is to make sure every mechanical part is lubricated and oiled to ensure smooth operation. Lubricate all bearings and chains. If you notice any wear or tear that may damage your unit, contact your professional team to come out for a service check.

5. Remove Outside Debris

It's always a great suggestion to make sure your landscaping isn't hampering the outside of your Air Conditioning unit. When working in your yard each spring, take some time to remove hanging branches as well as to clear out cluttering plants around the device.

This will assist airflow with your condenser. Cleaning your gutters is always a good idea too. This will ensure blockages won't overflow into your AC unit during inclement weather.

6. Check Refrigerant Charge

Ensuring your Air Conditioning unit has sufficient refrigerant is important to include in your checklist as well.

If the refrigerant charge is too low, it must be updated by a professional. A reduced charge could lead to an inadequately running Air Conditioning system which might increase your energy expenses throughout the summer.

There are ways to update it yourself but for the sake of keeping your HVAC running smoothly, do not attempt without professional assistance.

Always Use an Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Hopefully, this air conditioning checklist has actually provided you a leg up on how to keep your system running efficiently throughout the spring and summer months.

If you believe your AC Unit requires a service check by an expert, be sure to contact us today.

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