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Staying Chill at Work: The Ultimate Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

On March 26th, 2019

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The summer heat creates a brutal experience for those in commercial buildings. The large, open spaces mixed with machinery causes the sweat to pour in an instant.

A non-functioning or inefficient HVAC system isn't something to put off.

An HVAC maintenance checklist provides a preventative measure to keep employees cool. With it, you'll avoid the risk of heat stress while keeping energy costs within budget.

What are the items on this HVAC checklist? Keep reading to find out.

Considerations Going into the HVAC Checklist

There are a few items you need to be covered before rolling out the checklist.

These items include:

  • Who's in charge?
  • When is maintenance done?
  • What is its current performance?

Answering these reveal whether these tasks are sustainable through DIY and in-house efforts. Or, whether it makes sense to enter an HVAC maintenance contract with a local company.

You shouldn't have trouble doing maintenance in-house given the system doesn't pose problems. Let's shift gears to what you could do to maintain the HVAC unit. Take notes and create a worksheet using what's applicable in the next section.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist Items

HVAC servicing varies by location, unit type, and urgency. The following are the common issues found in commercial HVAC units and how they're solved.

Note: Power off the unit before performing any maintenance. And, do not let an inexperienced person attempt repairs.

The Outdoor Components

Seeing and feeling the signs your unit isn't performing well?

Start outside with:

  • Cleaning: Inspect and clean dirty areas like the coils, cabinet, and drainage. Clear the debris surrounding the area while you're at it
  • Electrical: Check the electrical connections for damage. Avoid contact just in case, but inspect the control box and power supply. Use a multimeter to verify electrical issues
  • Mechanical: Look over the fan and blades for wear and tear. Lubricate the mechanical parts if needed

The single easiest solution is replacing the filter on a month-to-month basis. 

The Indoor Components

Make your way indoors to fix any problems -- including:

  • Air Ducts: Locate the duct work and check for damages like leaks and disconnected items. Repair tears/leaks with foil tape. Blow out dirty areas to improve airflow while working on these items
  • Registers: Check registers for damage or if they've been closed off. Clean them and keep them open to prevent extra wear on the system

The Miscellaneous Items

The following are worth adding to the list for an optimal maintenance routine:

  • Thermostats: Replace dated manual thermostats for a programmable model. Then, set the thermostat to a comfortable but efficient setting. And, make a thermostat policy so employees aren't fiddling with the settings
  • Checks: Dictate when and who checks the HVAC system. Use a spreadsheet to track performance and identify potential problems

Feeling Comfortable When the Heat Is On

An HVAC maintenance checklist removes issues before they turn into major problems. Through DIY and routine, you'll keep employees happy and energy consumption under control.

When the HVAC proves difficult: Call in an experienced AC contractor.

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