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AC Repair Experts Share Some Subtle Signs of Possible AC Problems

On June 23rd, 2017

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Although air conditioners can last for several decades, they are prone to breaking down when they've reached the end of their lifespan. Fortunately, air conditioning units often give out subtle signs that it already needs servicing by AC repair experts. Watch out for these subtle signs of possible problems with your AC unit.

Warm Air

You may begin to notice that the air conditioner is only circulating warm air and that the home doesn't stay cool for very long. You may turn the air conditioner on full blast but still don't reach the temperature that you desire after having the appliance run for several hours.

subtle signs


Moisture and leakage is a common problem that can occur and is related to the air conditioner unit that is installed. The drain tube may need to be repaired if water accumulates next to the air conditioner throughout the week and the tube is damaged or blocked. You may also notice that ice has formed on the unit or water is leaking on a consistent basis.

Unusual Odors

You'll need to get repair services if you notice unusual odors coming from the vents in various rooms of the building. Many people detect musky smells, which indicates that mold has formed inside of the ducts due to moisture that is present, which can be hazardous and will affect the air quality of the building. Unusual odors need to be addressed immediately to prevent it from spreading.

Excessive Noise

Most homeowners can quickly pick up on extra noise that the air conditioner is making. You'll need to hire professional air conditioning repair services once you hear rattling, grinding, and grating. The unusual noises often means that damage has occurred to one of the internal components and can lead to other issues that develop over time.

Poor Air Flow

Poor air flow throughout your home is a sign that the air compressor needs attention. You may notice that some rooms of the house are colder than others. A professional technician will be capable of repairing the part or replacing it.

Never ignore these signs, as these could lead to even bigger issues with your AC unit. Have your system repaired by the professionals as soon as possible, and you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.


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