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Seven Reasons to Perform a Spring Tune-up on Your A/C Unit

On April 22nd, 2021

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One of the worst times to have an air conditioning issue is the transition from Spring to Summer. During this time, service calls for air conditioning systems will start to increase as the outside temperature increases, making them turn on their AC, only to make them realize it isn’t working.

One way to avoid this emergency situation altogether is to schedule an air conditioner tune-up. Preventative maintenance services check all parts of your AC system to make sure they are in working order - before you’re left in the heat. 

If that alone isn’t a good enough reason to schedule your AC maintenance, here are five great reasons for a yearly AC tune-up.

1) Longer AC Unit Lifespan

Cooling systems last on average from 15 to 20 years. One of the major factors that contribute to that span is how the unit is taken care of while it’s working. Air conditioning tune-ups help to increase the lifespan of an HVAC unit by solving problems before they cause other problems. 

For example, if you go without a tune-up or check, you might notice your AC is running 24/7 even on relatively cool days. After thinking nothing of it, your AC stops working. What was a clogged filter - something easily solved - is now a complete failure of your system.

2) Improved Air Quality

Regular maintenance on your indoor and outdoor units ensures your family is breathing healthy air. While you can look at things like filters, a certified HVAC technician can check and clean your evaporator coil, your condenser, and the system overall. 

Poor home air quality is more than a passing concern. According to the CPSC, it can lead to eye and nose irritation, dizziness, headaches, or even long-term issues years down the road. Preventing health issues from forming will save your body and your wallet in the long run. 

3) Safer HVAC System

An uncared-for AC unit can be a danger to your home’s health as well as your own. The potential risks are nothing to joke about either. From home fires to water damage, an AC unit that isn’t cared for properly can cause a life or death situation in your home. 

For example, let's you skip your annual A/C maintenance. You might not notice anything different for two years until one day your unit catches fire (something not uncommon.) After putting our the fire, the Fire Cheif tells you that your lack of annual maintenance made you miss exposed wires in your unit. 

4) Increased Long-term Savings

Preventive maintenance is scored cheaper than breakdown maintenance. When something only has a chance of breaking, that means you can often repair rather than replace. Once something breaks down, often, either that part or the whole system must be replaced in order for the unit to function again. 

In addition, as referenced in the first section, annual maintenance will extend the life of the AC unit. This in turn saves you more money as the average AC unit costs between $1200 and $1800 depending on the size and type. Doing that every 20 years is far more cost-effective than every ten. 

5) Increased Efficiency

When your HVAC is in perfect working condition, it runs far better than if it’s dirty and clogged. This can even be noticeable in your energy bills. Your HVAC spring tune-up should look at the drain lines and filter to make sure nothing is clogging the system and stopping the exchange of warm and cold air. 

If you don’t get annual maintenance, you could see your monthly cost to cool your home rise. Over time, you could be paying scores more for your electricity when you aren’t using any more than before. If you’re looking to learn how to manage AC efficiency, read more on this recent blog post.

Take Care of Your Spring Tune-Up Today!

Annual AC maintenance is a must for all Shreveport homeowners. Save money, stay healthy, and reduce risk by scheduling a tune-up and letting us take care of any needed preventative maintenance.

Our tune-up includes an assessment of all moving parts, checking your condenser coils, cleaning your air filters, and many other items on our rigorous checklist. If you want to get started, reach out via our contact us page or call us at 318-861-2255 and we will be happy to start.

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