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Air Conditioning in Shreveport: Spinning Up the System for Spring

On March 10th, 2015

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The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in your home should be at peak readiness for springtime weather. You have to make sure it is still in shape as the calendar enters the second quarter of the new year. In her article for HGTV, Marjie O’Connor states that spring is always a good time to prepare for new things, or ensure that the old reliables are still working well.

Fixing the Unit

Residents of Shreveport, Lousiana, will certainly agree with her. The cold season technically wraps up around February 19, when the temperature starts shifting from between 41 degrees and 63.5°F, to between 51.8°F and 72.5°F by end of March. Considering that the temperature in the ArkLaTex region had slipped to 23°F at one point, this presents a serious test for the air conditioning system on being able to bear with warmer weather. As such,  an air conditioning system tune-up for April showers and beyond is a job for people who know air conditioning in Shreveport best, like those at AccuTemp Cooling and Heating.

Effective Groundwork

The main step to tuning-up your air conditioning system for spring conditions is to look over the filters. Some systems have fiberglass filters, while others are have HEPA filters. The operational periods differ and factor into the system’s optimum efficiency. Fiberglass filters lose their effectiveness after only a month, but HEPA filters can last up to six months depending on the level of system usage.

Doing ‘HVAC Cardio‘

Inspecting the air conditioner system and ductwork will be critical to achieving ample cooling loads, in roughly the same principle as ensuring your cardiovascular system is stable. A test run of your air conditioner will help you and your Shreveport AC repair team identify and fix any issues with the system’s functions. The ductwork should also be examined for any breaks that must be sealed, particularly in the joints and vents.

Consider a general cleaning of the condenser unit as well. In many cases, debris buildup inside the unit compounds the air conditioner’s difficulty to generate ample cooling load.

Some people say springtime is a chance to see the flowers bloom again and for life to start anew. When part of that starting over includes ensuring peak levels of comfort at home, the power to make it happen is in your hands.

(Source: Spring Cleanup List Begins with HVAC, HGTV)

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