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Will Shreveport HVAC Contractors Install Carbon Monoxide Monitors?

On December 17th, 2013

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A recent article written by Michelle L. Price for the Daily Herald online covers a story about a gas leak in an elementary school in Utah that resulted in 40 people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A gas leak at a Utah elementary school that sickened more than 40 people has prompted concerns about the fact that the state is among many that don't require schools to install carbon monoxide monitors.

Local and state officials said Tuesday they're reconsidering Utah's policy, noting monitors could have prevented levels of exposure that required three people to be airlifted to hospitals after Monday's leak at Montezuma Creek Elementary. The community of Montezuma Creek is on the Navajo reservation, about 15 miles from the Colorado border.


The article continues:

Carbon monoxide is produced by combustion and can be found in fumes from vehicles, gas ranges and heating systems. At Montezuma Creek Elementary, county officials have pointed to a water heater with a blocked ventilation system as the leak's cause.

The situation in Utah highlights the need for systems to detect poisonous gasses. As a result, people throughout the country may be wondering if they’ll need to install a carbon monoxide detector to help control air quality and maintain it at a safe level. Carbon monoxide is the product of burning up resources like gas, wood and oil, which is commonly produced by heating systems found in commercial, institutional and residential properties.

Property owners that have heating systems installed should contact their contractor for HVAC in Shreveport, Salt Lake City or elsewhere. These contractors check for ventilation blockages to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide buildup. This would be a great help for properties that are not equipped with systems that detect the poisonous gas.

It may become a requirement in the near future for all property owners with heating systems to install detectors. Until then, they can rely on their local HVAC contractors for repair and maintenance services to ensure their safety from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Property owners that need installation, repair or maintenance services can turn to AccuTemp Heating and Cool. They offer services for HVAC in Shreveport, LA.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Leak spurs talk of school carbon monoxide monitors, Daily Herald, 19 November 2013)

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