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Any Trusted AC Contractor Can Tell You Ways to Maximize Your Unit

On October 10th, 2016

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Homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioning for cool air during hot days. Nothing beats that comfort you find in your home after spending the afternoon sweating outside. While this is exactly air conditioning’s purpose, allowing it to work too hard to provide cool air may gradually ruin it.


Learning to maximize its use and boost its efficiency will allow you to save energy and extend its service life.

Set a Reasonable Temperature

It’s almost instinctive to set the air conditioning to high when you just return home after a day under the sun. However, you must remember that the main purpose of an air conditioning unit isn’t really to make a room cold, but to make it comfortable.

Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees instead of starting it at 66 degrees is more efficient because it’s enough to provide comfortable air. You can change into shorts and a t-shirt to better feel the cool air. Remember that your energy usage increases by around 8% for every degree below 78.

Maintain Clean Filters

Letting the filters gather dirt and dust make it more difficult for the unit to cool a room by forcing it to work harder and increasing your energy usage. Make sure you clean the filters regularly and replace them at least every three months. This way, the air blowing from it will always be comfortable and clean, which also helps maintain a good indoor air quality.

Aside from the filters, the entire unit should be inspected at least four times a year by your AC contractor in Haughton who can spot problems and fix them before they get worse, ensuring the unit’s efficiency and good condition.

Keep the Levels Down When Not In Use

When the house is empty, there’s no need to keep the air conditioning in full mode. Keep its levels down using the thermostat so that it doesn’t consume too much energy. Sealing up the house before you leave will help keep the temperature stable for hours, making it comfortable when you return.

These tricks are a surefire way to save energy and keep your AC unit running efficiently. However, if you’ve been following this advice, but your energy bills continue to rise and the temperature in your home remains uncomfortable, then there must be something wrong with the unit. Call your AC contractor in Haughton to have it checked.


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