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Top Three Avoidable Habits that Often Lead to Air Conditioning Repair

On November 9th, 2016

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Because air conditioning in Shreveport is such a necessity, given its extreme temperatures, it follows that every resident would seek an air conditioning unit that performs to its full potential.


Unfortunately, there are several all-too-common habits that lead to shortening a unit’s expected lifespan. In turn, they lead the owner to spending excessively on air conditioning repair in Shreveport, LA. Following are a few of these missteps.


air conditioning avoidable habits


Purchasing the Smallest (and Cheapest) AC Unit to Fit a House or Room


As a consumer, you are likely tempted to buy the smallest or cheapest air conditioning unit in a misguided attempt to save money. Unfortunately, in the case of AC units, neglecting the size of the area to be cooled can prove costly in the long run.


A small AC unit tasked with cooling an area twice as big as its specified capacity is destined for an early breakdown. In most cases, you will end up spending more on repairs than what you would have originally spent on a properly sized unit. To avoid such expense, measure the room where you are to install the unit before buying it. You can then ask the salesperson which unit size is right for the space.


Not Choosing an Optimized Location for an AC Unit


Though room aesthetics are important, installing an AC unit based on where you think it might look best is not the wisest idea. Aside from needing to be located near a power source, an AC unit should be located in an area that remains cool and dry, no matter the circumstances.


For example, if you purchased a window-type unit, it should be installed away from direct sunlight and areas affected by inclement weather. For wall types, the installation should not be too high or too low. The unit might fall if looming above or get kicked/bumped by passersby if too low. It goes without saying that the room itself should not have too many openings; they only make your AC work harder to cool the space.


Skimping on Regular Maintenance


You might think that maintenance is overrated, but spending on AC maintenance is far cheaper than waiting for your unit to totally breakdown. Spare AC parts are never cheap and, of course, you must pay for the labor. In the end, regular maintenance is more economical than even a one-time AC unit repair.




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