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Three Ways to Save Energy According to an AC Contractor in Haughton

On November 2nd, 2016

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Owning an AC and heating unit these days is far from being a luxury. Thanks to global warming, summers are considerably hotter while winters have gotten so much colder.


Therefore, most households and commercial centers are forced to leave their AC units on continuously for most of the year, just in order to create a comfortable living and working environment. This often results in paying high energy bills, not to mention a higher probability of an AC breakdown due to excessive usage.


save energy


An AC contractor in Haughton shares some of the well-kept secrets to save some money on energy bills without sacrificing the cool comfort that an AC unit provides.


Use a thermostat


The most helpful component to cutting the energy costs of running an AC unit is a programmable thermostat. Setting your AC unit to your desired temperature while you are not at home will certainly cut a couple of hundred bucks from your bill otherwise. This is because a thermostat can help prevent your AC from working overtime just to cool down a room. By remembering to set your thermostat, you have already made the first step in reducing your electric bill.


The Magic of 78 degrees


Most homeowners and commercial building managers are not familiar with the optimum temperature at which you should regulate your AC unit. Any trusted Haughton AC contractor will recommend setting the thermostat to 78 degrees during the day—the prime temperature for enjoying coolness later in the night and one that allays worries of excess energy spent on attaining your desired temperature.


When setting the thermostat to 78, don’t forget to close the curtains, drapes, or window blinds so that no outside heat can penetrate the room.


Reduce the Amount of Lighting in the Room


Aside from draping your windows, you should also consider using fewer lights in your room to help your AC unit create a cooler space much faster. As you know, any source of light can be considered an excellent source of heat, so if you want your room to become cooler at a faster rate, you better turn off the lights. If not possible, limit the sources of light otherwise so that the cold temperature from your AC unit will not go to waste.




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