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Sorting out a Noisy AC Compressor with Shreveport, AC Repair Pros

On April 20th, 2015

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Noisy Air Conditioners signal Compressor Problems Call AccuTemp in ShreveportAir conditioners are designed to cool you down in sweltering weather in order to keep you comfortable. By doing so, they help you sleep better, but what if they’re noisy? If the noise they produce becomes a bit too excessive (not to mention manifesting in irregular patterns), it usually points to a problem with the compressor.

No AC owner wants a failing compressor. Along with blowing warm air, leaks and hard starts, excessive noise is one of the benchmarks for a malfunctioning compressor. The usual whirr when the AC runs is common, but if it’s accompanied by sounds like squealing and knocking, it means your compressor is in for some hard times—and you’ll need the services of a local Shreveport air conditioning company like AccuTemp Cool and Heating real soon.

Know The Symptoms of An Ailing Air Conditioner Compressor

Your first order of business is to identify which sounds your AC’s compressor is making. Each type of noise usually indicates a specific problem, which will help decide the appropriate course of action in the long run. For instance, banging or clanking noises indicate that there’s something loose inside the compressor (i.e. a connecting rod, piston pin, crankshaft or some other component). Fixing this problem often involves a simple dismantling of the compressor assembly and refastening the loose component.

Next, a distinct buzzing sound may be one of several things: the compressor isn’t getting enough power, the motor may be failing, there might be some loose wiring, or even a bit of burning at the fan’s contractor relay switch. For the inadequate power scenario, fixing this requires the disconnection and inspection of contacts for wear or corrosion, and cycling the power disconnect about 3 to 4 times to ensure that the contact being made is enough. Unless you’ve been professionally trained, a fix like this needs to be carried out by experts who offer AC repair in Shreveport.

Here are a few more noises to look out for. A bubbling or hissing sound often means that the air conditioner's compressor has a refrigerant leak; chattering/rattling indicates an issue with the compressor crankcase if the unit is turned on prematurely (for older models); humming motors may specify the need for replacing the starting capacitor; clicking can be due to a failing thermostat; and hissing/screaming is typically due to undue internal pressure (a very dangerous predicament).

The compressor is an integral part of your air conditioner. Once it emits strange sounds, it usually means trouble. When that happens, have technicians from companies like AccuTemp Cool and Heating of Shreveport fix it right away.

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