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Severe and Dangerous Problems that Warrant Help from an AC Contractor

On April 19th, 2017

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Your AC unit is designed to make your life more enjoyable, which they usually do for the most part. That is, until they stop bringing in cool air or make odd noises throughout the day. You may be more than capable of fixing the simpler problems, but there will be instances when asking for help from an AC contractor is warranted.

Coolant Refills

Inhaling an AC unit’s coolant can lead to many health problems, including poisoning, heart problems, and even death. For this reason, you should always let a certified technician handle this toxic substance. They’ll use special procedures and equipment, including safety goggles and protective masks, to prevent this toxic substance from harming them in any way.


In addition, you may have a leak that’s causing your coolant or Freon levels to drop on a regular basis. Licensed professionals can identify the cause of these leaks quickly to help you save money and keep your home properly cooled throughout the summer. They’ll also inform you about red flags to watch out for the next time there might be a leak, such as extra high energy costs and warm air coming in through the vents.

Faulty Wire Replacements

The AC unit may be working perfectly, but faulty wiring could cause the unit to malfunction. Wire-related problems are inherently dangerous and they should never be fixed by a novice. Instead, you need to hire a professional that has shock-proof gear and electrical repair skills. You’ll know when your unit needs a professional inspection since damaged wires have a distinct smell. It’s important to act promptly because the unit may overheat, which is a potential fire hazard.

The problem may be as simple as replacing a single wire or the circuit breaker may need to be replaced. Your technician will diagnose the problem and make sure the system is wired safely, so that the unit gets adequate power and fire hazards are reduced.

Sometimes, no matter how well you maintain it, your AC unit just stops working. Never attempt to tamper with your unit if you are not familiar with its parts and functions as you might only make the situation worse. For the more severe problems, let an experienced AC contractor identify the causes and come up with a solution. Then, you and your family can stay cool without any worries of having to pay more for repairs because of a bad DIY job.

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