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Residential AC Contractor in Haughton: Geothermal Units for Safe Usage

On March 19th, 2015

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The consequences of drastic climate change have induced warmer temperatures across the country, including Haughton, LA. To counteract the harmful effects of intensive heat, most households have air conditioners installed to cool down the home’s interior. Those who want to do so with an eye for the environment, however, can turn to eco-friendly HVAC units offered by companies like AccuTemp Cool and Heating.


Environment-friendly HVAC systems have one goal for users: to deliver the right amount of heated or chilled indoor air while working with nature to prevent greenhouse gases from causing further harm to the environment. Geothermal units, in particular, work by taking advantage of the consistent subterranean temperatures four to six feet underground to deliver natural and free energy into a home’s interior. Specifically, engineers construct a system of pipes called an earth loop; in cool weather, the earth loop shunts the cold air into the earth and in warm weather, it cools the house down by redirecting the heat underground.

This system also requires little maintenance because most of its main parts are situated indoors and so are protected from harsh external conditions. As a result, geothermal units have been found to be more cost-effective than the more popular solar and wind power systems, subtracting four times more kilowatt hours of consumption from power grids than the latter two.

You may have heard the myth that geothermal HVAC systems use a lot of water, supposedly increasing the water bills for your household. The truth is: if underground aquifers are utilized to exchange heat with the earth, then no water will be consumed at all simply because the loop system ensures that the water is returned to the same aquifer. In fact, you get to save on potentially millions of gallons that you would’ve used in older cooling towers.

Although geothermal cooling technology offers inexpensive but quality air, your local Haughton AC contractor says that it is still appropriate to practice energy-saving habits like using electrical heat-producing devices when the AC unit is on. To monitor your indoor temperature, be sure to have a working thermostat that works well with the air conditioner.

Established HVAC contractors like AccuTemp Cool and Heating repair and install residential air-conditioning units from renowned brands like Rheem and American. Maximum cooling efficiency is guaranteed, as well as affordable diagnostic services in case of problems with their installed system. To acquire your own geothermal HVAC unit, consult a local residential AC contractor in Haughton for the best choices in your home.

(Source: Ten Myths about Geothermal Heating and Cooling.

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