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Here’s Why You Should Get a Ductless AC From a Haughton AC Contractor

On April 21st, 2015

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Ductless Air Conditioning installation in Haughton and Shreveport LA by AccuTemp If you’re tapping a reliable AC contractor in Haughton like AccuTemp Cooling and Heating for your first AC purchase and installation job, you’re likely to find a ductless air conditioning unit among its array of offerings. In a nutshell, a ductless AC system is one you’ll likely see in a room or a home without the usual HVAC ductwork. It is otherwise known as a “mini-split,” owing to the fact that it is composed of only two main parts: the outdoor compressor and a number of indoor evaporators or air handlers.

People may think that ductless ACs are equal to window ACs. That wouldn’t be wrong, but ductless ACs possess a handful of qualities that their counterparts don’t have.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning in Haughton, Louisiana

Easy Installation – In terms of installation difficulty, there’s the central AC on one side and the ductless AC on the other. Ductless ACs take way less time to install than a typical central AC due to the lack of extensive ductwork—installing a ductless AC system is as simple as mounting the two main components up and finding a way to connect them. Central ACs can easily require at least two technicians and a week to get it up and running; in stark contrast, installing a ductless system can be finished in barely a day.

Better Efficiency ­– When it comes to air conditioners (not to mention electrical appliances in general), efficiency is the name of the game these days. An average family can easily spend around $1,000 for HVAC needs; an amount which can be reduced by 20-30 percent with a switch to a ductless AC system. In central systems, there’s always the risk of energy loss due to leaks and conduction in the ductwork. Lastly, a more efficient AC unit can cool a specific area in significantly less time.

Less Noise – What’s the point of an AC cooling your room down to excellent sleeping conditions if there’s incessant whirring in the background? Getting a ductless system from a local Haughton AC contractor can see to that, as it produces a lot less noise than a central or window system. With a ductless AC around, you can sleep well.

Greater Flexibility – Ductless ACs can be placed wherever you may want them. Would you like it to replace your old baseboard section or window AC? You got it. This versatility also allows more control over zones that need cooling—in other words, you don’t have to set one temperature for the entire home.

(Source: How Ductless Air Conditioning Saves Energy,, April 15, 2015)

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