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On December 16th, 2013

An article on the Shreveport Times website published November 22, 2013 discusses the efforts of Shreveport and Bossier City in protecting the community against environmental pollutants:

Ozone — formed by vehicle and power plant emissions — is one of six pollutants the EPA uses to measure air quality. Areas that exceed federal standards generally are penalized and their residents forced to exchange cheaper habits for more expensive ones, such as purchasing a higher-quality gasoline.

In May, Shreveport and Bossier City began exploring ways to reduce ozone and trying to get commitments from residents and businesses to reduce their ozone production levels.


This includes Ozone Action Day declarations, which inform local governments and partners when weather and other factors generate the most ozone and advising those groups to take steps to cut their ozone production.

The residential and commercial sectors are encouraged to help in reducing the number of pollutants they produce and release in to the environment to help meet the standards of the EPA. One way this can be met is for property owners to ensure the proper maintenance of their air conditioning in Shreveport and Bossier City. This may result in a growing need for HVAC companies.

Many professional HVAC companies offer installation, maintenance and repair services. Some of these services could help home and business owners meet the commitments they’ve made to reduce environmental pollution. This may include anything from installing a more energy-efficient product to regularly cleaning ventilation systems. The reduction of pollutants will result in cleaner and higher quality air. People can also turn to repairing their HVAC units instead of replacing them completely.

Deciding to get a repair is often times a more economical solution and may prove to be just as effective in reducing pollution. For example, an AC unit that’s leaking refrigerant is harmful to the environment, especially the ozone layer. The owner can opt to have it repaired instead of replacing the entire unit and to switch the refrigerant into a more environmentally-safe option.

Property owners can find more information about environmentally-friendly refrigerants and AC repair in Shreveport by turning to an experienced HVAC company, like AccuTemp Cool and Heating.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Shreveport-Bossier still collecting partners to curb ozone, Shreveport Times, Published 22 November 2013)

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