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What a Heating Contractor Wants You to Know About Furnace Installation

On February 27th, 2017

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Most homeowners will only purchase a furnace once, maybe twice in their lifetime. It’s understandable, since furnaces would often cause quite a lot. One thing to note is that a new furnace would only work efficiently if it’s properly installed, otherwise you might be wasting away your hard-earned money.

That’s why furnace installation is best left to a professional heating, ventilation and AC contractor. That makes it important to know what to expect from your heating contractor on the day that your furnace will be installed. Equally as important, you should know what your heating contractor will expect of you.

Furnace Installation

Prepare Your Home

As much as possible, you need to clear out any clutter from the area where the furnace will be located. You’ll also need to create a clear pathway from the door to the place where furnace will be installed. This will make it easier for the technicians to make their way through your home without worrying too much about breaking something. It also allows your contractor to do their work efficiently and safely.

It’s also recommended to purchase paint in the same color as the wall where your thermostat will be located. This is because it’s not always guaranteed that the new thermostat will be the same size as the old one. The paint is to retouch any areas left bare.

What Happens During the Day?

While you might expect the majority of time to be taken up installing the new furnace, you would be wrong. Surprisingly, heating contractors will actually spend more time disconnecting the old furnace safely. Once it has been disconnected, they will have to remove the old furnace and prepare the space for the new unit.

Your contractors will then bring your new furnace in and place it in the correct position. Afterwards, they will connect the new furnace to the important parts of the house, the most important of which is the ventilation system. This will require them to hook the furnace into the flanges on the ductwork. It might mean that your ductwork needs to be shifted around to make the right connections.

Finally, the technicians will fully test the system to ensure that it is all working correctly by measuring the intake and airflow. They will also ensure that there will be no safety hazards.

The end result is a professionally fitted furnace that should run effectively and efficiently for many years to come. You can ask your technicians for any maintenance tips, or recommend the soonest possible date for a regular maintenance check. If you have any questions about what to expect from your furnace installation, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable heating contractor today.

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