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Energy Saving Air Conditioners: The Top Tips You Need to Know

On July 16th, 2020

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When you know it's going to be a long and hot summer, the first thing you think of is how you're going to stay cool. Perhaps you're considering buying an air conditioner but are worried about the high energy costs that can be associated with buying one. You want to be cool but not pay the large energy price tag that comes with it! Well, don't worry, this article is focused on everything you need to know about an energy saving air conditioner.

So don't suffer on those humid nights! Buy an energy saving air conditioner that not only keeps you cool but is gentle on the wallet too!

Read on to find out the scoop on the best air conditioning units for you and your family.

HVAC VS AC What is the Difference?

Not all air conditioner units were built equally. It's important to know the difference between HVAC and AC units as they offer different services entirely.

With an HVAC not only are you getting the option of air conditioning but you also have the added benefits of heating for the winter months and ventilation.

Ventilation is key in terms of allowing the cool or hot area to disperse around the room and manage the temperature in an evenly dispersed way.

It also helps to eradicate things such as smoke, carbon dioxide, dust, heat, and moisture to provide optimum indoor air quality.

Air conditioning does not have the added quality of heating or ventilation. The models tend to be less effective than HVAC units which will then mean increased usage and spiraling energy costs.

HVAC and Energy Efficiency

HVAC systems use the latest technology and developments to ensure that the models are ecologically compatible and efficient in terms of energy and how it is consumed.

Even in the past decade, HVAC models have significantly reduced their energy consumption and how they moderate their output.

Most models now have a SEER rating of 14-18 which can be factored into the monthly bill's budget without breaking the bank.

HVAC systems now come with designs such as programmable temperature which allows you to set your temperature and program it to that degree.

Once the unit has reached that temperature you can program it to switch off which will save you plenty in bills and energy.

Some systems will also come with the option of an energy-efficient or energy-saving mode which will turn off the fan when a room has been cooled to a certain temperature.

It may produce less breeze as a result, but if the desired temperature is no longer met then the fan will start up again to compensate.

Another model that may be utilized is a system that is wifi-enabled so that it can be hooked up to the internet and controlled remotely. This enables users to set and control whole schedules of air conditioning based on the needs and requirements of your home. Some systems can even 'learn' your preferences over time and recommend courses of action to save you money on your energy bills.

Getting The Most Out of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes you might be unwittingly preventing your air conditioner from operating at its maximum capabilities. This could lead to you having to use your air conditioner more, or on a higher setting, which will result in an increase in energy bills.

Make sure you're providing an appropriate environment for your air conditioner unit to perform at the level it is capable of.

The first thing to consider is preserving the airflow of the ducts and pipes of the unit. Debris such as dust, leaves, and dirt can begin to gather in the pipes.

This restricts the airflow and means your air conditioning unit is having to work harder to pump air into your home. Check your unit regularly and clean out any excess debris or dirt.

Also consider where you're placing your furniture such as sofas, tables, and chairs. If there is any obstruction to the ventilation and pipes, the air will not be able to circulate around the room as effectively.

You'll not be able to feel the full effect of the air conditioning and will use more energy as a result.

HVAC Units and Maintenance

To ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning at its maximum potential and efficiency it is important to schedule regular maintenance for your unit. This is to repair any minor damage or general wear and tear.

Having routine maintenance on your unit ensures that your air conditioning unit is continuing to perform at a high level all year round.

Scheduling regular upkeep checks on it will keep your energy bills lower.

This is due to engineers being able to correct any small performance issues at the end of each cooling season. It'll also prevent any major breaks or costly repairs if you decide not to have regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit.

It's important to pay attention to any small performance issues and have them sorted sooner rather than later.

Buying an Energy Saving Air Conditioner: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope that you found this article on the top tips of energy saving air conditioners helpful and informative.

Getting an air conditioning unit for your home can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Just make sure you think about your energy bills and how you can take the necessary steps to reduce your energy output while still remaining cool in those long summer months!

If you have any further questions or queries about air conditioning units, contact us directly!

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