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Energy Efficiency Tips Offered by a Trusted Haughton AC Contractor

On January 26th, 2017

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Summer months mean hot, sticky weather that makes you want to stay indoors. It’s a time when families refuse to brave the heat of the sun and instead remain inside where they can relax in the comfort of air conditioning. This undoubtedly hikes your electric bills, however, especially if you don’t know the ways to make a home energy efficient. Just because you’re using your AC all day long doesn’t mean you can’t save money and energy. Any reliable AC contractor in Haughton knows the tricks to energy efficiency.

Tips Offered by a Trusted Haughton AC Contractor

Upgrade Your AC

Older air conditioners tend to swallow more energy. If you think that your current unit is already inefficient, you could get more savings in the end by buying a newer model. Nowadays, there are brands and models designed with energy efficiency and comfort in mind. Look for these units and hire a professional to install them. Remember that the only way you can make full use of an air-conditioning system is if it’s installed properly.

Ventilate the Attic

Your attic is an integral part of your HVAC system. A properly ventilated attic reduces room temperature and increases efficiency by up to 10%. When ventilating the attic, keep in mind the proper sizing and placement of ventilation to optimally reduce its heat.

Lower AC Temperature at Night

Night typically brings in cooler natural air. This means that you don’t need the same level of air conditioning that you need during the day. It’s best to keep the AC temperature down, reducing its workload while you’re sleeping. The “sleep mode” timing device can also be beneficial.

Maintain Your Unit

Cleaning your unit can significantly increase its efficiency by removing dirt and debris that affect its function and capability. Hosing it out is a good way to start, but a routine cleaning by a professional is the best option. A Haughton AC contractor knows the ins and outs of HVAC maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Close Off Vents

Since basements are one of the coolest parts of your home, it doesn’t need significant air conditioning. Closing the vents downstairs will drive cool air upstairs where it most needed while improving your energy efficiency.

Equipped with the tips above, you can improve the quality of your living conditions during the swelter without over-consuming or spending hugely on electricity.


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