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Effectively Dealing with AC Repair for Your Home: DIY or Call a Pro?

On November 28th, 2016

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Your air conditioning system takes care of you by keeping you cool and comfy in your home during summer's swelter. Sometimes, however, you must return the favor by taking care of your AC unit.

It is to your advantage if you remedy the issue as soon as you detect a problem. If you wait it out, the problem may worsen and before you know it, a big repair bill is sent your way.

Some folks insist on fixing their units by themselves, believing they can do the job as well as a professional in AC repair in Bossier City, LA. While this may be feasible when it comes to minor cleaning or clearing, there are a number of tasks much too complicated to be left in the hands of an amateur.

dealing with ac repair

DIY-Friendly Tasks

Among the easier DIY tasks is the cleaning and changing of the electrostatic air filter. This should be performed each month to ensure that the airflow remains unobstructed.

Moving parts, such as belts and fans, require simple lubrication. Outdoor condenser units can also be periodically cleared of any twigs, dirt, leaves or other debris that can potentially obstruct condensation drainage.

A basic cleanliness check is also doable yourself in order to make sure all functions and parts are in proper working order.

Needing the Pros

While those are things that you can easily take on as DIY tasks, certain items need a lot more effort and technical know-how, the kind provided by Bossier City air conditioning repair professionals.

Fixing and replacing parts such as the condenser, for example, are better handled by certified pros—not just for the technical knowledge they possess, but also for possessing the right tools for the job.

The most costly HVAC repair is the one that wasn't done correctly the first time. Using the wrong replacement parts can also add to a DIY project's cost. If you are guided by the expertise of the pros from the beginning, your AC unit will be working correctly as soon as possible, without threatening further disrepair.

Overall, there are basic maintenance tasks made for the household handyman. For the big-ticket repairs, however, it is much wiser to rely on professionals, such as AccuTemp Cool and Heating.


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