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Effective Measures That Help You Properly Tackle Residential AC Repair

On January 6th, 2017

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A properly maintained AC unit can make a huge difference on your energy bills every month. Although these machines don’t last forever, you can ensure their longevity by staying proactive and taking good care of them through periodic maintenance.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

A surefire way of maintaining your AC unit is to have a licensed contractor that deals with AC repair in Bossier City, LA come take a look at it. During this HVAC preventive maintenance inspection, integral parts of your unit are inspected. These include the air filter, belts, motors, fan assembly, condenser coils, and outside unit. Your coolant levels are also checked and replenished if they are getting too low.

In terms of safety, the circuit breaker, drain line, and valves are inspected to make sure they do not pose hazards to your home. If there are any signs of excessive wear and tear, parts are replaced. You’ll be given an estimate before any repairs are done, so you are completely comfortable going forward. During this inspection, your contractor also can provide energy-saving tips you may not have thought of before. It may involve sealing up drafts or installing a specialized air filter for quality airflow.

Properly Tackle Residential AC Repair

Replace the System

After a while, your HVAC system may not work properly. Repairing it may cost more than the system is worth, in which case you should just have your system replaced. This job can be done quickly and safely when you get help from companies that specialize in air conditioning repair in Bossier City, LA. It is recommended to have your system replaced every ten years.

There are some clear signs that indicate your system needs to be replaced. Breakdowns are going to happen no matter what unit you have, but frequent breakdowns are telling signs you need a new unit. This is particularly true if the repairs are costly. Finding moisture on your unit where it shouldn’t be also spells trouble down the road.

You may just want a newer unit that has an energy-efficient design. Some Energy Star models can provide up to 20% savings on cooling and heating costs.

Maintaining your AC unit is not always easy, but you can always ask for professional help. The aforementioned steps make maintenance a little easier, let you keep a cool home throughout the summer, and help you save on energy costs.


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