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Do You Need to Call an AC Contractor in Haughton? Top Signs to Tell

On March 12th, 2015

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Early spring is a good time to check your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. It wouldn’t be the peak time of the year when you’d be using your air conditioner, so turning it off for inspection would be perfectly okay. In addition, your local contractors won’t be too busy with emergency repairs either, as they would be in summer or winter.

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While you’re observing your air condtioner, you must be sensitive to anything that may be preventing it from working efficiently. The filters may need to be replaced; the case may need some cleaning. You might also need to adjust the thermostat according to the AC manufacturer’s guidelines for the season so you don’t overwork the unit and increase your energy bill.

There will be times, though, that simple adjustments or do-it-yourself maintenance wouldn’t do. You might encounter some complicated problems or damages. How would you know if you need to call a professional AC contractor in Haughton? Here are the top signs to watch out for in your air conditioning unit is telling you if you need maintenance or repair services:

It’s not cooling your home enough.

Do you need to keep turning down the dial on your thermostat just to keep your home cool and comfy? The unit may be low on refrigerants (Freon), or the solution that gives the system its cooling properties. This chemical must be refilled or recharged periodically and handled only by experts, so you must leave the task to a certified AC technician.

It’s noisy.

A noisy air conditioner can mean a lot of things. There could be debris being tumbled on the fans or dirt on the coil fins. The motor may need lubrication. There might be loose screws anywhere in the unit that’s causing loud, rattling sounds. These issues can be highly technical or potentially hazardous in nature (since some might involve the electric or mechanical parts of the air conditioner), so only a pro should repair them.

It’s becoming a financial headache.

You might also find out eventually that your 10 or 20-year-old cooling or heating system is eating up thousands of dollars in your energy bills and your budget for household repairs. These old units are outdated in terms of today’s efficiency standards, so you would be wise to invest in a total replacement, which will give you savings in the long run.

An experienced Haughton, LA heating contractor, such as AccuTemp Cooling and Heating, can perform the necessary tune-ups or repairs to your air conditioner, which will be valuable for cost efficiency throughout the year. If you’re considering replacing your heating and air conditioner, the experts can help you explore options on energy-efficient systems and have your choice installed professionally.

(Source: The AC Whisperer: 5 Maintenance Things Your Air Conditioning May Be Trying to Tell You, Home Owner Net)

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