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Change How You Operate Your Air Conditioning to Improve Air Quality

On April 27th, 2017

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AC units are supposed to deliver cool, clean air into the home, not trigger your allergy symptoms. The fact is, a poorly maintained AC unit can drive unwanted and harmful pollutants inside your home, triggering uncontrolled coughs and wheezing. A little cleaning goes a long way in preventing these symptoms in the first place.

Air Filter

The air filter is designed to collect contaminants. Failing to keep it clean not only affects air quality, but also makes your unit work harder. Eventually, it leads to higher energy bills. If you notice that the filter is dirty, take it out and give it a complete inspection. Signs of wear and tear necessitate a filter change, while filters still in good condition just need thorough cleaning.

improve air quality

Using a portable vacuum, remove debris, dust, and other pathogens it has collected throughout the month. Make sure you’re careful and don’t apply too much pressure as any rupture in the filter’s structure decreases its effectiveness. You’ll also want to use vinegar to kill off any remaining bacteria. This way, it can’t recirculate back into the air ducts and cause your allergy symptoms to worsen.

If you are not familiar with the parts of your air conditioner, however, it’s better to leave the cleaning or replacement to professionals. They will have access to better equipment and cleaning supplies.

Air Ducts

Throughout the months, dirt, debris, pet dander, and pollens from plants can accumulate in your air ducts. Once the AC system is activated, these pollutants are pushed through vents and affect indoor air quality. You may not be familiar with your home’s air ducts or know where they lead. This is why it’s best to let someone who specializes in air conditioning in Shreveport clean them.

Using specialized blowers, vacuums, and brushes, an HVAC technician will thoroughly clean each duct and make sure you know potential red flags to look for in the future. These include dirty supply and vent covers, dark filtration lines along the walls, excessive dust in the home, and a variance in temperatures throughout the house. Some of these technicians offer full services, meaning they’ll also make sure your AC unit is clean and operating at an efficient rate.

You should never take for granted the air quality in your home, especially if there are family members who suffer from allergies. With a little maintenance and help from AC repair professionals, you can ensure the air coming inside your home is free of pathogens and bacteria.

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