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When to Call an AC Contractor to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

On June 1st, 2017

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Have you been wondering when the right time to replace the air conditioning unit in your home is? Homeowners are always torn between repairing or replacing their AC’s. Fortunately, there is a way to know which way to go. It turns out there are several things that could indicate that it is better to replace an air conditioning unit than to repair. The following are some of them.

Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

Unit Age

The average lifespan of an AC unit is about 10 years. After that, it is highly likely that your unit will not function efficiently anymore. Old AC units can create problems where you are not looking, namely in power consumption. They can use up to twice the amount of electricity that a new AC needs, something that many homeowners miss. To discover this problem early, compare several of your current and last year’s electricity bills. If the trend is going up, your old AC unit might be to blame.

Expensive or Unavailable Replacement Parts

While it is possible to do a repair, sometimes you just can’t source the replacement part you need. Even if you can, the cost could be significantly more than it should be. Manufacturers improve their technology all the time, and at some point, they will stop producing certain parts for old models. For example, old AC units often use Freon or R-22 refrigerant as a coolant. The EPA is phasing out the use of Freon, and this effectively makes the prices soar in the recent years. As of 2010, manufacturers no longer produce units that need to be topped up with Freon. The production of Freon itself is estimated to end by 2020.

Multiple Problems

Logically, the older the unit, the more problems you will face. With old units, you can expect to find multiple failures in more than one part of the system which could result in a costly repair bill. A temperature problem alone could result in multi-system repair. It could indicate a malfunction in the cooling system or a leak on the ductwork. Not to mention if you are also dealing with an excessive noise problem. In this case, perhaps it is better to replace than to repair.

Energy Star estimates that you can save over 20% on energy bills with a new heating and cooling system. This is because the modern air conditioners are more energy-efficient and environment friendly. When looking for a replacement unit, make sure to get the right size for your home. Consult with an expert AC contractor to get the right load calculations.

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