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Call an AC contractor in Haughton If your AC Fails These Checks

On February 20th, 2015

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The compressor is literally the heart of your HVAC system. Whether it’s acting up or not, you need to run some checks to assess its condition and decide if professional services from a licensed AC contractor in Haughton will be needed. offers these simple tips to see if your compressor is in tip-top shape.

Air Conditioner Compressor Problems

Begin with simple checks

Instead of calling a repairman every time you hear a strange noise, try carrying out these easy steps before hitting the panic button. The problem could be minor and possibly one you could remedy yourself. Check if there is electrical power and that all settings are correct. Lastly inspect the condition of the air filter, duct work, and blower fans.

Diminished cooling capacity

If the correct pressure is maintained in the unit at all times, this can be avoided. Be on the lookout for lower than normal discharge pressure, as well as higher than normal suction vacuum. These could be warning signs that the compressor needs repair. Contact a professional like AccuTemp Heating & Cooling to remedy this.

Slow to cool

When the unit is switched on and it takes longer than usual to produce cool air, the compressor could be loose or worn as a result of internal wear and tear. Try installing gauge ports on the compressor to maintain the proper pressure in the unit. Again, this is a concern that should only be addressed by an expert.

Burned out compressor

When damage occurs to the internal wing of the motor, the compressor motor windings may short out the steel part of the motor, or get burned and disconnected. When this happens, the unit will not start at all. This can be prevented by regularly inspecting the air conditioner’s electrical system.

Stuttering startups or shutdowns

Commonly referred to as hard starting, this could be an indication of an issue with a fuse and the wiring. Replace the fuse if necessary and make repairs on the wires.

Motor problems

When an air conditioner overheats, the compressor could fail. Overheating typically occurs when there is any kind of electrical fault in the unit. To confirm this, look for the motor and check the position of the reset button. If a fault has occurred, it pops out. Wait for the unit to cool down, then push the button back in, then try running it again. To prevent this, the electrical system has to be regularly inspected and maintained by an experienced Haughton AC contractor.

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