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Your Bad Habits Can Result in AC Repair and Worse, a Total Breakdown

On February 7th, 2017

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The normal lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 15 years, give or take. If after only a few years your air conditioning is starting to break down, then there is likely something you are doing that is killing it. Signs of failure include a faulty cycle, unusual noises, and warm air. You may not be aware of it, but your actions may be the source of these problems.

Your Bad Habits Can Result in AC Repair

Lack of Annual Service

Air conditioning should be tuned up once a year to extend its service life. Neglecting such maintenance can cause many problems that end up requiring extensive AC repair in Bossier City, LA. It is not enough that you clean your unit by removing leaves and dirt. You need to call a technician who can conduct a thorough inspection and maintain the outdoor condenser coils, filter, blower, motor, refrigerant levels, and supply lines. Ignoring these maintenance tasks can spell the end to your air conditioning unit.

Constant Changing of Temperatures

Everything that works too hard will break down eventually, including your air conditioning unit. Leaving it on for days, even when not in use, overburdens the unit as it tries to adjust to changing temps. Avoid changing temperatures too often and find a way to keep cool air from escaping. You can do this by simply closing the blinds during the day. It lessens wear and tear on your AC unit.

Failure to Hold an Energy Audit

By conducting an energy audit, you can determine whether the AC’s size suits your home or living area and whether it is cooling a space efficiently. You can also discover air leaks that overwork the unit and wreak havoc to room temperatures. By using this information, you can attend to issues and ultimately maximize your AC's lifespan. Remember, however, that a trained technician should conduct the audit for accuracy.

If you continue committing the same mistakes, your unit is bound to break down. This will likely mean a very hot and uncomfortable summer for you and your family. So, before the hot season arrives, make sure that your unit is in good condition. Clean it and promptly respond when air conditioning repair in Bossier City, LA is required.


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