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Baby, It's Cold Outside: 5 Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Home Heating Systems

On December 21st, 2018

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When you need your home to stay nice and toasty from Halloween and well into the new year, you'll need to watch the way you take care of your home heating systems. 

There are plenty of steps you can take to make this happen, and lots of home heating professionals that can assist you. When you keep your furnace and heating system well maintained, you will be able to get what you need out of your HVAC system performance.  

Follow these strategies so that you can take care of your heating system this winter.  

1. Patch Up Air Leaks

When your heating system isn't working well, air leaks are generally a big part of the problem.  

When you start to notice a bit of a breeze in your home, make sure that you get your home inspected for leaks. These leaks prevent your heater from working at its best, and will also cost you more in utilities each month.  

Hire the help of someone that can seal any sort of leak you're dealing with, and you will notice better performance out of your heating system as a whole. 

2. Get Routine Service and Tune-ups

Getting a system checkup each fall can make a world of difference when it comes to taking care of your heating equipment. 

You will be able to keep your home nice and warm in the fall and winter, no matter how bitterly cold it gets outside. Additionally, be sure to get your system tuned up so you are able to make each part of the heater work properly as well. 

You need to hire an HVAC professional that is skilled at assisting you with whatever work you need. Hire a heating contractor that can conduct some of the best eco-friendly HVAC work so that your furnace isn't wasteful. 

3. Invest in a Better Thermostat

In many situations, the thermostat could be a big part of the problem. 

You need to call up a professional that can install a new programmable thermostat for you. These thermostats can change temperatures as needed, without you having to do it manually.  

Look into heating systems that also have climate zones so that you can count on the highest quality HVAC performance. 

4. Take Care of Your Windows

Covering your windows lets you trap heat inside of your building, rather than losing it. 

Every bit of heat counts, so take the time to buy window treatments that both look great and give you the best performance. Your HVAC professional can recommend specific window treatments made with materials that work best. 

5. Change Out Your Air Filters

Finally, changing your air filters every couple of months will also allow you to get the best performance from your heating system. 

Do your best to change these air filters on a regular basis, or else they will get clogged and your heater will suffer. Make sure you purchase filters that are the right size for your system. 

Take Care of Your Home Heating Systems

When you follow these tips, your home heating system will operate and run more efficiently.  

If you need further assistance, we'd love to help you. Our company has been in business for years helping homeowners in Shreveport-Bossier City and surrounding areas with their HVAC needs.  

Touch base with us to learn more about the heating services that we offer. 

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