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How an AC Contractor Can Help You Properly Maintain Your HVAC System

On January 3rd, 2017

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Hot summer days are stressful, particularly for your AC unit as these are the days that it works the hardest. You can prepare for these warmer days, though, and save money on your utility bills by taking action.

Weatherize Your Home

Keeping cool air in your home prevents your unit from working harder, a feat you can achieve through weatherization. This basically just means beefing up potential problem areas in your home. Check your windows and doors for any drafts potentially coming from the bottom. Seal these drafts by replacing the weather-stripping or using a specialized sealant, such as a type of caulk, that’s weatherproof.

Once drafts are taken care of, consider installing a fan in your attic. This area tends to get extremely hot during the summer, but a fan ensures proper ventilation. You may also need to add a new layer of insulation, which can be completed safely when you hire an AC contractor around Haughton. These contractors can also run an energy audit on your home, to see what areas can be improved to help you save some money.

Properly Maintain Your HVAC System

Improve Airflow

Every now and then your AC unit works harder because the airflow is restricted, usually because parts have gotten too dirty. Usually, the culprit is the air filter. Take this out and inspect it for dirt and debris. If it’s completely covered, you need to replace it. Now there are many great replacement options for air filters, including fiberglass, HEPA, washable, and polyester filters.

HEPA filters are ideal if you suffer from asthma or have allergy symptoms, because they move air through a very fine scale. Washable filters can be used over and over again; you just need to clean them periodically throughout the year. The most common and cheapest filter you’ll find is a fiberglass filter.

Another part you’ll need to keep clean, so your AC unit works efficiently, is the evaporator coil. It tends to collect debris and dust, but you can remove them quickly with a portable air compressor.

The condition of your AC unit is dependent on regular maintenance, which is easy when you hire AC and heating contractors serving the Haughton, LA area. They’ll make sure your unit is working at an optimal level quickly and safely. And then you can continue enjoying the cool air from your AC even in the peak of summer heat!


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