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4 Subtle Symptoms Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Professional Help

On May 25th, 2017

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Many people bring their air conditioning unit for servicing only after it shows major operational problems, or have become inoperable. By that time, repair could be costly. Imagine the length of time you have to live without air conditioning and what you must ultimately spend for an interim or replacement unit. Fortunately, your AC unit may exhibit some subtle signs to let you know early on that it needs servicing. Let’s see what they are so you know what to watch out for.

The Room Can’t Get to Set Temperature

Did you set the AC temp to 75ºF and yet it still felt like 85ºF 30 minutes later? Most people will simply dismiss this as just a feeling or put the blame to the outside temperature. Though there are many factors as to why your air conditioning unit cannot get to the set temperature, if this situation happens more than once or increases in frequency, it may be time to call for a service or maintenance.

Air Conditioning Unit Needs Professional Help

Unusual Noises

Pay attention to the noises your unit makes during startup and operational mode. Aside from the soft hum of electricity and fan, you should not be hearing anything else. Rattling, clicking, or squealing can indicate a failure on various parts inside. Don’t forget to check the outdoor compressor and fan unit, as well.

Abnormally Large Electrical Bills

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for the largest energy expense in a household in the United States at roughly about 48%. Your air conditioning unit may show no signs and symptoms such as described above but if your energy bills get more and more expensive as the months go by it, your unit may no longer be efficient.

Water Drips

If your unit starts to drip water, it is best to turn it off immediately to prevent further damage. Your air conditioning unit has a part called the evaporator coil. Its job is to cool the warm air that enters the unit, which causes moisture to form. This moisture, typically in the form of water droplets, will be collected on the drain pan and trickle down the drain line. Any disturbance in the draining system, such as rust or blockage, could send the water to drip outside the AC unit.

It is more efficient to do routine maintenance or fix minor issues before it becomes a major one. This way, you can save both time and money in the long term. Consult with a trusted and experienced air conditioning repair company to service the units in your home regularly.

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