Gas vs Electric Furnace

Haughton, LA Heating Contractor Offers Gas and Electric Furnace Repair

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A furnace is essential in any American home, and while Haughton, Louisiana does not experience much snowfalls during the winter, a furnace is still handy to have around when the temperature drops and the nights become a little chilly. Gas vs Electric Furnace Choosing the better type of furnace you want for your home is important, because the kind of furnace you install will not only affect the quality of how your house is heated, but will also account for the monthly costs of your heating, as well as the expense of having to call a licensed Haughton, LA heating contractor to maintain your heating unit regularly. Two types of furnaces that most Americans use are the gas furnace and the electric furnace. While the electric furnace is more common in modern homes and establishments, some people may prefer a gas furnace for several reasons. If you’re about to install a new furnace, and you can’t make up your mind between gas and electric, here are some factors to consider before you make your decision: Cost of Equipment and Use There’s a wide variety of affordable electric furnaces available in the market and while the initial price of an electric furnace is roughly half of its gas-powered counterpart, its operating costs are much higher. Gas furnaces are cheaper because they are powered by natural gas, which, despite its rising costs, is still less expensive than electricity. Effectiveness in Heating Gas heating systems are generally considered to be much more effective. Gas furnaces generate heat more quickly and are capable of reaching much higher temperatures than electric units. Cost of Maintenance Electric furnaces are quiet and durable and has a lifespan of about twenty to thirty years. Maintaining an electric furnace is a lot less problematic and easier to troubleshoot. Gas furnaces, on the other hand, are noisier, and since they emit carbon monoxide, regular check-ups and maintenance are required. Gas and electric furnaces have their own set of pros and cons. No matter what type of furnace you end up choosing for your home, be sure to hire a heating and AC contractor in Haughton to help maintain your heating systems. HVAC companies such as AccuTemp Cooling and Heating offer installation and repair services that will maximize your furnace’s efficiency and guarantee optimal performance. (Source: Gas vs Electric Furnace: Pros and Cons, DoItYourself)

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