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Shreveport Air Conditioning Experts: Diagnosing the Problem Accurately

On February 3rd, 2014

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The city of Shreveport is known for having hot and humid summers, typically at 32 °C. Summer is fast approaching, and before the temperatures start rising you will have to make sure that your air conditioning system can easily deal with the heat. While it can be challenging to tell if your unit is past its service life, there are some tell-tale signs that you can rely on.

Compressor Failure

An article by eHow contributor Tanya Lee explains the signs of a failing HVAC compressor:

"How badly the air conditioner is functioning can indicate compressor trouble. If the air conditioner has lost its cooling capacity, if the system will not start--or only the fan, not the compressor, runs--or if it starts and stops, the compressor could be failing.

Higher electricity bills, even though the air conditioner has operated at its usual temperature settings for a usual amount of hours at the usual weather conditions for the time of year could indicate a failing compressor, as could the air conditioner drawing too little power.

If the air conditioner runs but is extremely noisy, with buzzing, banging or clanking sounds, the compressor could be to blame. If the system "hums" but does not start, the compressor could have a problem, although some air conditioners normally emit humming noises or other sounds, so you need to listen for unusual noises."

Not cool enough

Reliable Shreveport air conditioning experts are likely to tell you that having good airflow does not necessarily mean you can expect the same degree of coldness from your AC unit. If you have turned it to the lowest temperature but it still feels warm, let a professional handle the problem. This usually happens when the AC has run out of refrigerant or the internal cooling system has deteriorated.

Prevention is key

When it comes to AC repairs, your DIY mindset just won’t work. Seek the help of a professional Shreveport, LA air conditioning repair technician from established names like AccuTemp Cooling and Heating for worry-free services.

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