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Professionals of HVAC in Shreveport Adding to Healthcare Air Quality

On May 6th, 2014

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Efficiency is at a premium when it comes to healthcare centers. Maximum comfort will be needed to facilitate recovery, and that is something powerful HVAC systems can provide. In an article for Health Facilities Management magazine, public health professional Dan Koenigshofer elaborates:

"The primary functions of a hospital HVAC system are improving indoor air quality and mitigating airborne transmission of diseases. This makes it much different from a typical building HVAC system, where comfort is the main objective.

In fact, infection control experts have provided guidelines on hospital HVAC system filtration, temperature, humidity, air change, pressurization and exhaust, all in the name of providing superior patient care.

The recently released second edition of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE) HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics incorporates this information into a convenient, detailed guide for HVAC engineers on how to design systems that meet infection control criteria, while also being reliable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient."

Medical professionals in Shreveport can and will encounter various cases over the course of their duties, some of which will be influenced by air quality. A look at the general area inside the Inner Loop Expressway will reveal at least ten healthcare facilities. If you are building a healthcare center right in your community, pristine air quality for staff and patients will be possible by letting Shreveport HVAC specialists like those from AccuTemp Cooling and Heating set up the system.

Hospital HVAC systems are usually centralized affairs because the amount of machinery on use generates large amounts of heat that must be dampened with a clearly defined cooling load. Designing and installing them will often go hand in hand with the facility’s construction; further modifications to the system should be made on site and planned to minimize disruption of regular operations. Koenigshofer states that mechanical engineers assigned to the project should ensure that the system fulfils the ASHRAE manual’s standards on air quality, air changes, filtration, temperature and humidity.

Versatility is key to the hospital HVAC system channeling higher cooling loads to certain rooms under circumstances, which can be discussed with your preferred HVAC specialist. Koenigshofer cited a chapter in the manual stating how, say, a cafeteria may be reconfigured as a waiting room. The ductwork for emergency rooms should also be of more advanced construction to keep out contaminants.

A hospital equipped with a well-designed HVAC system is on the path to helping staff and patients breathe better. You can make that happen with help from experts at HVAC in Shreveport, LA.

(Source: Fresh Air, Health Facilities Management, August 1, 2013)

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