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Lower your Heating Bills with an Experienced AC Contractor in Haughton

On October 20th, 2014

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As winter approaches and the mercury starts to dip, now may be the best time to get your household ready for the incoming cold, starting with your home’s heating system. If you’ve noticed an upward trend in your energy usage, now is the time to consult a professional AC contractor in Haughton. outlines the necessary steps to get your home in shape for the winter.

Heating Bills

Heating your home can be a costly endeavor. But you don’t have to make your family suffer in shivering silence to save some money. There are plenty of steps you can take to optimize your heating efforts, as well as prep your home for several months of cool weather.

As temperatures rise, so does your spending

Like it was mentioned earlier, businesses like AccuTemp, which specialize heating and cooling repair and maintenance are in the best position to help lower your energy spending with some preventive maintenance and repairs.

Review last year's energy bills. If your heating costs are drastically higher this year, a qualified heating and cooling technician may be able to diagnose the problem. Schedule such inspections twice annually, even if you aren’t experiencing any detectable issues.

Patch the leaks

If warm or cool air is able to escape from your home, the heating system will naturally work harder and consume more energy. Make sure all ducts, windows, and doors are free of crevices and gaps where air can escape. Use weather stripping and caulk for doors and windows, respectively, while sealing any cracks in the ductwork with metal duct tape.

Repair or replace?

For heating systems which have been around for quite a spell, a trained Haughton, LA heating contractor like AccuTemp can recommend if replacement is necessary; constant breakdowns could be an indication of failing components, and regular repairs could prove costly in the long run.

Replacing your system? Purchase equipment with an ENERGY STAR label. High-efficiency systems reduce your impact on the environment and can also save you money. You may also be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit.

Find other ways to save energy

An heating system isn’t the only energy consumer in a home. Other appliances like dishwashers, washer/dryers, and refrigerators use their fair share of power as well. Installing and maintaining energy-rated appliances will definitely contribute to a lower utility bill that would lift your spirits.

(Article excerpt and image from “Prevent your heating bills from going through the roof this winter”, 04 October 2014, NWI Times)

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