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Facts that will Make Anyone Appreciate Air Conditioning in Shreveport

On February 13th, 2015

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Let’s face it … air conditioning in Shreveport isn’t exactly a topic for stimulating conversation. As far as homeowners and office workers are concerned, if it’s working then life is good. If not, call the repair guy pronto. Shelley Davenport writes in about why air conditioning is one of the best things to happen to civilized man. On a blistering afternoon, if you really think about it, or maybe, without even thinking about it, you’d know why an AC would indeed be the refreshing lifesaver that it has come to be.

Air Conditioning

Comfort was what we had in mind

In 1902, Willis Carrier designed and invented the very first air conditioning unit which was meant to control the humidity inside a New York publishing house. This helped the ink dry faster and smudge-free, and kept the paper from expanding and contracting.

Summer movie magic

If you love going to the movies in the summertime, then movie makers and movie goers should be thanking their lucky stars for air conditioning. Producers intentionally schedule films for release during the summer months because viewers frequent the theaters to escape the stifling heat.

Live and breathe longer

Life expectancy has increased since the introduction of air conditioning. Advances in medical technology have created healthier environments and effective medication, thereby preventing illnesses and extending more lives.

If you’re reading this, it’s partly due to AC

Computer technology development and manufacturing owes its existence to environments where air conditioning is necessary. Nowadays everything uses a microchip, from toys and tablets to cars and coffeemakers. These couldn’t have been manufactured without AC.

The weather’s always fine

Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can thank air conditioning for making springtime bearable. The filtered air makes extremely warm weather livable, even for those who aren’t sick.

HVAC contractors like AccuTemp Cooling and Heating that specialize in air conditioning repair in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas are making the switch from the standard R-22 refrigerant to R-410A which does not contain chlorine. This move significantly impacts the environment because chlorine-free refrigerants do not do any harm to the planet’s ozone layer.

Perhaps, according to Davenport, we can also thank the advent of air conditioning for getting businesses and government institutions to work throughout the year. Before the introduction of central air conditioning, people working in government offices and other industries took a summer break, along with school children and students from universities. Imagine how slow things would run with the government working two to three months less of the entire year.

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