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Diagnosing your Air Conditioning in Shreveport: Identifying AC Leaks

On August 1st, 2014

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One of the most uncomfortable things that could very likely happen in your home during the sweltering days of summer in Louisiana, is to have your air conditioner suddenly break down, leaving you scampering to find alternative ways to keep cool in the heat. Call on any reputable Shreveport, LA air conditioning repair professionals right away, but note that there are things you can do during the days leading up to the final break down, when you suspect your cooling unit is about to strike out. Here are some tips on diagnosing one of the most common AC problems: leaking water.

why is my air conditioner leaking water

The Condenser

Most likely, the leak usually stems from somewhere within the condenser. The condenser unit contains the main heat exchanger system that cools down hot, vaporized refrigerant back into a liquid, which will in turn be heated back into a gas in an endless cycle.

Broken Condenser Pump

One of the most common causes of a leaking AC is a broken condenser pump, which is responsible for getting rid of water condensate that forms in the condenser unit. An efficiently working pump should drive the condensate into a safe environment for dumping, and not around the AC unit inside your house.

Improper Installation

There’s a reason why you should hire only HVAC professionals, such as Accutemp Cooling and Heating, to install your home’s AC or heating system. A botched job could only lead to even more problems like a leaking coolant, which could add to your initial expense outlay for the project. Here’s what contributor Pharaba Hacker-Witt says about the matter on

"When air conditioning units are improperly installed they can leak water. If the unit is not level or if there is too much pressure, water may begin to pool. Check to see if the unit is level first. If that is not the source of the problem, look for any closed vents in the house. The added pressure can sometimes cause the valves to leak."

Air Escape

An inefficient air seal is yet another common reason for AC leaks. In this case, moisture from the warm air outside can get inside the unit, and when it meets the low temperature of the refrigerant, it quickly condenses and drops down into a pool at the bottom of the unit. This is another reason to opt for professional installation, as well as efficient repairs.

An AC leak is just one of the potential problems that could turn your cool and comfortable Louisiana home into an interior Sahara, and ruin your relaxing time at home. If you’re ever in a bind like this, call up your local Shreveport air conditioning pros and direct them to the source of the problem for efficient repairs or advice on replacement.

(Source: Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?, Red Beacon)

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