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Common Problems with Shreveport Air Conditioning: Electrical Issues

On August 4th, 2014

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With air conditioners being frequently used during the summer, it’s not at all surprising that homes and commercial establishments in Louisiana’s third largest city may experience one of any kind of air conditioning troubles at any point throughout the season. Whenever your trusty AC unit fails, there are many potential reasons that might have caused it. To avoid any kind of need to call up your Shreveport air conditioning contractor for repairs, it might pay to know more about some of the causes of damage on your cooling unit. Here’s what you should know about one potential culprit: the electrical system.

electrical problems in air conditioners

Cut Cables

Most AC units, whether they’re window units or central systems, will have a number of electrical wires running through them, and oftentimes they’re hidden inside a drywall to keep from being obstructions. Pests like rats, however, can get into these tiny spaces and chew up the wires, electrocuting themselves and cutting off power from and to your AC.

Thermostat Problems

Just as your AC is connected to the main power grid via electrical wires, the thermostat is similarly connected to the AC system. These wires might corrode over time, or they could get dusty and frayed, which could weaken their function and cut off your AC’s temperature detection system. With power activity undetected, you wouldn’t know why your power bills start to balloon.

Compressor Problems

Your AC compressor compresses refrigerant molecules before sending the substance to the condenser to be pressurized and turned into gas, with the process repeating itself, as the liquid and gas circulate and convert, collecting hot air and cooling it in the process within the system. Here’s how it can cause an electrical problem, according to eHow contributor Jessica Kolifrath:

"Changes in the line voltage running to the air conditioner compressor can cause it to run improperly, […] lowering the cool air output of the appliance. Low voltage will cause the compressor to turn off too early while high voltage may short out the engine in the compressor. Air conditioning compressors compress the refrigerant contained within the sealed units to cool the air flowing through the system. Without proper voltage, the compressor can't work correctly. Weeks or months of incorrect voltage may eventually cause the compressor to seize up or break down inside, requiring a replacement."

Fan Motors

Sufficient electricity also needs to reach the AC fan’s blower motor, since these fans do the actual job of blowing cool air outside the system and into your home, as well as sucking warm air in for cooling. Damage to the electrical wiring in this motor could lead to a significant weakening of the fanning action, which could eventually cause the fan to stop functioning altogether.

Whenever any of these problems surface, don’t forget to call up efficient Shreveport AC repair professionals like Accutemp Cool and Heating for help.

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