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Air Conditioning Repair in Shreveport, LA Helps Keep Infants Healthy

On September 17th, 2014

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Summer may be at an end, but Shreveport, Louisiana locals can expect warm and humid weather to continue for a few more weeks. Current weather forecasts indicate that average daily highs ranging from 80° F to 90° F may persist well into September. Indeed, the city is known for its hot and humid subtropical climate, owing to the state’s location near the Gulf of Mexico. To cope with occasionally oppressive weather conditions, households rely on air conditioning in Shreveport that keeps indoor spaces cool and comfortable.

Air Conditioners and babies

Yet for families with newborn children, the need for quality air conditioning goes beyond mere indoor comfort. While cooling the air with a fan may suffice when the weather is relatively cool, several studies show that infants need stable room climate conditions to steer clear of heat stress, heat rash, and even sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)—things that an air conditioner can help prevent. Given that babies chill faster than adults, proper air conditioner use within a nursery should also be observed. A Livestrong article offers the following tips:

The air from your air conditioning should never blow directly on your infant. This can be uncomfortable for your child and can also make your child too cold. When setting up your nursery, position the crib or bassinet in a location where air will not blow directly on your baby. Take notice of the air vents in other indoor locations, such as restaurants, and your car to help ensure your child is not exposed directly to the air blowing from an air conditioner.

Aside from making sure that babies are clothed in sufficiently thick yet comfortable clothes, it is also important to follow the recommended thermostat settings. Some experts suggest that keeping room temperatures anywhere between 65 and 70 degrees can help babies sleep better. To make sure that the thermostat is indeed working as intended, it pays to conduct a regular inspection of one’s air conditioning unit.

A typical sign of a malfunctioning thermostat sensor is when the unit cycles on and off rather frequently, which could lead to higher energy consumption. This is often the case when the sensor is not where it should be. In such a scenario, it would be best to call in an expert to conduct professional air conditioning repair in Shreveport, LA.

Shreveport homeowners can count on factory-trained technicians from a company like AccuTemp Cooling and Heating to ensure thermostat accuracy, proper airflow (as governed by the evaporator coil), optimum refrigerant levels, and proper motor lubrication, among other things. With top-notch air conditioning repair and maintenance services, families can rest assured that their beloved babies can sleep soundly and stay healthy.


(Source: Air Conditioners & Babies, Livestrong)

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