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AC Repair in Bossier City, LA: Efficient Cooling to Protect Your Pets

On September 22nd, 2014

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Louisiana temperatures have been scorching all throughout this summer, as they usually are during the season. While residents take measures to shield themselves from the heat, some neglect to give the same protection to their pets.

An article by contributor Adrian Hirsch in tackles the issue of leaving pets in parked cars, emphasizing why this should never be done:

Even though the Fall equinox is September 22, Louisiana temperatures will remain high, so the danger of leaving pets in cars persists until late in the year. On an 85-degree day, it only takes 10 minutes for the inside of a car to reach 102 degrees—even when windows are cracked open. Within 30 minutes, the interior temperature can reach a staggering 120 degrees. Unable to control their body temperature in these extremes, dogs can quickly overheat and suffer extensive organ damage, heatstroke and suffocation, which can all be fatal.

What would you do if you saw a dog in hot car

Unlike humans, animals sweat only around their paws, which does not do much by way of cooling them. Veterinary experts say that, instead of sweating, animals pant and use convection to cool themselves, exchanging the hot air from inside their bodies for the cool air outside. When the surrounding air is hot and humid, animals cannot get the cooling they need. This can lead to heatstroke, which, in some cases, could be fatal.

It falls on pet owners, therefore, to ensure that their furry wards are protected from the heat, and can get enough cool air from their surroundings. This means never leaving a pet in a parked car, even with the air con turned on.

Additionally, Hirsch advises in his article:

While at home, pets should always have unrestricted access to cool areas—ideally those with air conditioning—with plenty of fresh drinking water.

Pet owners in Bossier City and other places in Louisiana should thus make sure that their air conditioning systems are in top condition and can provide the cooling that they and their furry friends need. Topnotch HVAC companies in Louisiana, like AccuTemp Cool and Heating can perform excellent AC repair in Bossier City, LA homes to ensure that owners and pets get optimal cooling.

Pet owners whose A/C systems are defective may resort to using fans to cool off their pets. However, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that this is not enough. The ideal temperature for animals is at 78 to 80 degrees, something which fanning alone cannot achieve under extremely hot conditions. Luckily for these owners, they can get efficient air conditioning repair in Bossier City, LA from reliable service providers to restore and improve the performance of their air conditioners.

(Source: What would you do if you saw a dog in a hot car?,, September 15, 2014)

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