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An AC Contractor Shares Ways to Teach Energy Efficiency to Your Kids

On August 2nd, 2016

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Your AC contractor in Haughton is your best ally to ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly and utilizing energy well. However, you may be overlooking some little soldiers who can help in the battle for an energy-efficient home.

Teaching your children about energy efficiency helps them appreciate its value both for your home and the environment. Not only does this encourage them to use energy wisely, it also helps you lower your utility bills and consumption while working together to maintain a cozy and comfortable abode.

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Consider going down to your local library and borrowing books on energy. Showing your kids where energy and electricity come from is a great step to helping them understand the topic. Once they know how energy is produced and manufactured, they can better understand why it is important to conserve it.


Children, especially the younger ones, learn best through play. This gives you the opportunity to have fun and bond with your little ones while teaching them some more about energy. For example, invite them to play “I Spy.” Instruct them to hunt for energy-wasting or energy-saving items around your home. Not only is this a good game to play indoors, but you can also play it outdoors to attune your kids to details like these.


Afterwards, teach your children about concrete things they can do to help conserve energy inside your home. For instance, encourage them to close outside doors and windows to avoid wasting precious conditioned air. You may even ask them to get involved in weather-stripping or caulking tasks to teach them about the significance of proper insulation.

In addition, consider teaching them about how the thermostat works so they can appreciate what goes into maintaining a comfortable house.

Finally, don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance with your AC contractor in Haughton. This not only helps you avoid potential problems with your air conditioning system, but it also has the potential to prolong its service life. Not only that, but your friendly professional might even be open to answering questions from your curious little ones. From fun playdates to asking the pros, it is certainly never too early to teach your kids about energy efficiency.


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