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AC Contractor in Haughton Helps in the Fight Against WNV Infection

On September 19th, 2014

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Mosquitoes are some of nature’s deadliest pests, bringing with them a slew of diseases. Among these diseases is the West Nile virus (WNV) infection, which usually spreads around the country during the summer and fall seasons.

WNV infection is typically not as serious as other mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. About 80% of those affected will not experience any symptoms, but around a fifth will have moderate symptoms like fevers and headaches.

In severe cases, which happen in about 1 in 150 cases, the disease can result in serious conditions such as high fever, coma, loss of vision, and paralysis.

Louisiana West Nile Review

Unfortunately, WNV infection has reached the state of Louisiana this year, as reported by Darren Robert for KLFY News:

The number of West Nile Virus infections in Louisiana has climbed to 61 cases in 2014.

"Of those 61 infections, 32 have been considered neuroinvasive disease, so that means those 32 individuals were diagnosed with a very severe form of West Nile Virus infection. So, that's when the virus actually invades or infects your brain or the fluids surrounding your brain," said Tina Stefanski, regional medical director for the Office of Public Health in Acadiana.

As WNV is spread primarily through infected mosquitoes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has warned everyone to protect their homes and themselves from these pests. Some of the measures you can take include wearing repellants, regularly emptying standing water around your home, and staying indoors at night, when mosquitoes are most active.

To prevent mosquitoes from entering your homes, make sure all your doors, windows, and other passages through which mosquitoes can pass are shut tight. This means installing screens to allow proper indoor ventilation.

What would be preferable, however, is a well-functioning air conditioning system that will keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Louisiana residents can call on a reliable AC contractor in Haughton, like Accutemp Cool and Heating, to install an A/C system in their homes, or to ensure an existing one is in top condition.

Professional extermination may also be needed to effectively get rid of mosquitoes, either through the efforts of the local government, or your own. During the extermination process, health services experts say you can keep a window type air con on, but close the vent to keep outside air from entering. On the other hand, a central air conditioner recirculates air within the home so there’s no need to shut if off or close any vents.

In either case, contact a trusted Haughton, LA heating contractor to make sure you have an A/C system that is working optimally to keep good circulation inside the home while you keep deadly mosquitoes out.

(Source: Louisiana West Nile review, KLFY News, September 4, 2014)

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