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The 5 Warning Signs that Indicate the Immediate Need for AC Repair

On July 26th, 2016

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It’s not especially difficult to know if your AC system is in serious trouble. There are some clear warning signs that will tell you it’s time for air conditioning repair in Bossier City, LA. However, inexperienced and inexpert homeowners tend to miss these warning signs, or worse, ignore them completely. Not only does this pave the way for more expensive AC problems down the road, but it can also lower your home’s comfort and safety significantly.

Knowing the symptoms of a struggling air conditioning system is essential in keeping AC troubles in control.

Lack of Cool Air

You might have noticed that your air-conditioning system is not doing its job anymore. For instance, the air is simply isn’t as cold as it was before, or maybe it’s not even cold anymore. This can be a sign that the compressor has failed, or Freon levels are dipping too low.

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Weak Air Flow

Are some rooms in your house receiving cold air while other areas are not? Poor air flow can be a sign of a failing compressor as well. In addition, it may also signal air vents clogged with debris and dirt, both of which pose potential health risks to your household.

Presence of Moisture

Have you been finding leakage or moisture where it shouldn’t be? For instance, you might have noticed more and bigger water pools than usual near or around your system. For one, this can indicate a broken or blocked drain tube. Worse, these can also indicate a refrigerant leak which poses serious health hazards.

Odd Sounds

If you start hearing grating, squealing, or grinding noises from your unit, don’t hesitate to call at once for professional service. A part might have slipped out of place, or your system might be in need of more lubrication. Motor bearings may have been broken. Strange noises coming from your AC are rarely good news, so have these addressed quickly.

Weird Smells

You should never smell foul or pungent smells from your AC vents. These can indicate burnt out wire insulation, or if musty, can be a symptom of mold growth. Either way, these must be solved without delay.

Ignoring the warning signs of a broken or damaged air conditioning system is a disservice to both you and your home. Quick and skilled AC repair in Bossier City, LA not only helps you maintain a comfortable sanctuary, but it also helps you avoid more costly breakdowns in the future.

Once you notice these symptoms of an AC in trouble, waste no time in calling the pros to restore your unit to tiptop shape.

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