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4 AC Sounds You Should Never Hear, According to Air Conditioning Pros

On July 21st, 2016

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No matter the age or brand of your AC system, it will never be completely silent. A system that is operating normally, however, is often relatively quiet, and most sounds that you’ll hear won’t be out of the ordinary. Yet certain sounds can indicate that your unit is in serious need of air conditioning repair in Shreveport. Knowing the difference between routine and abnormal sounds will empower you to take timely action if necessary.


This can indicate motor bearing problems, a bad belt, or lack of lubricant on your blower motor. While this can be a minor repair, make sure to have them fixed before they break because your blower will not turn if this happens. If the addition of lubricant is required, consult the pros to ensure you are using the right type.

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One your AC unit starts making banging, thumping, rattling, or clanking noises, a component may have come loose. It should be addressed before the part disconnects or breaks. If you hear these sounds while your blower is running, shut your unit off since it can signify that a part has already broken or disconnected. At this point, a qualified professional is needed to diagnose and fix the problem correctly.


In addition, an air conditioner that clicks when it runs may be trying to inform you of an electrical problem underway. This could be a failing capacitor or a relay. Faulty electrical wiring or components pose substantial hazards, so consult a qualified technician as soon as you can.


Hissing sounds from your AC system may mean that you have a refrigerant leak on your hands. This is a serious problem and cause significant health risks to occupants of your home. Call the pros the moment you hear hissing coming from your unit.

Your air conditioning system is going to make a certain level of noise as it works hard to cool your home. Yet these four sounds are signs that something unusual is happening in your system. As a rule, it’s best to schedule prompt air conditioning services in Shreveport for proper diagnosis and repair. This way, any developing problems are resolved before serious damage is done to your AC system.


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